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John Kurian

He  born and brought up in a godly home. His father was a good Bible teacher and one of the early leaders of the assembly movement in the State of Kerala, India. In addition to the training at home and in the assembly, his involvement with OM and EU helped his spiritual growth. He entered into secular jobs working in India and the Middle East for about 10 years in various capacities. Puthuppally Brethren Assembly, his home assembly commended him to the work of the Lord in 1986 and since then he have been traveling extensively within India and around the globe to fulfill his call as an itinerant preacher and teacher. His ministry involves gospel preaching in crusades, teaching the word in the assembly conferences and Bible readings. The Lord has given him a special burden for the youth and families and he set a considerable amount of time apart to minister in youth and family Conferences.


Ray Gonzalez

 Brother Ray Gonzalez graduated from Emmaus Bible  College, & has served the Lord for 15 years in Houston. For the past 8 years he served in Michigan, and is an itinerant and conference speaker. Ray has been married for 23 years and has three children. He has also partaken in many missionary trips which included evangelism and discipleship. By the grace of God through the preaching of His word many have come to Christ for salvation.

Varghese Kurian
Bro. Varghese Kurian was brought up in the assembly background and was saved when he was a teen through the ministry of his father. The Lord called him for full time ministry at an early age. He then pursued his biblical education for a few years in different Bible institutes. From 1985 onwards, he was engaged in local assembly work and teaching at various Bible schools in different states of India. He is also an itinerate speaker at conventions, conferences and ministers to God's people in different parts of the world. He is married to Sis. Ammukutty and they have three daughters and a son. He is blessed with two grandchildren.
Graceson George
Dr. Graceson George is involved internationally and nationally in gobal missions to bring the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is an apologist involved with Innercity and Urban Missions with American Bible Society, Philadelphia Chapter. Dr. Graceson is the Director of Sunday School ministries at Philadelphia Brethren Assembly where he fellowships with his wife, Betcy, daughters Olivia and Natalia. He studied at the Philadelphia Biblical University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and earned his MDiv and PhD in New Testament Theology.
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez has been serving the Lord in Bogotá, Colombia for the past 5 years. He is involved in the development of a Bible Institute that will strengthen the assemblies in Bogotá, developing biblical and theologically sound leaders with a heart for the gospel.  Commended by Edmonds Lane Bible Chapel in Lewisvile, where he and his family fellowshipped as their finished their studies for a T.h.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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